Berk Sunar

Few facts about me: I am a Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am leading the Vernam Research Group specializing in applied cryptography.

My current research interests are in

  • High Performance Cryptography: Homomorphic encryption, cryptographic accelerators.
  • Physical security: Integrated circuit & Optical Fingerprinting, Physically inspired primitives, PUFs, Hardware Trojans.
  • Side-channel attacks on the cloud.

Current Graduate Students

  • Gizem Selcan Cetin, Ph.D. candidate
  • Wei Dai, Ph.D. candidate
  • Vincenzo Diliuofo, Ph.D. candidate
  • Yarkin Doroz, Ph.D. candidate
  • Berk Gulmezoglu, Ph.D. candidate
  • Mehmet Sinan Inci, Ph.D. candidate
  • Michael Moukarzel, Ph.D. candidate

Former Graduate Students

  • J.-P.Kaps, George Mason University, Associate Professor of ECE.
  • G. Gaubatz, Xilinx, San Francisco, Bay Area, CA.
  • S. Baktir, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.
  • E. Ozturk, Assistant Professor of ECE, Istanbul Commerce University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • G. Hammouri, CEO, Simtix , Dubai (see
  • D. Karakoyunlu, Marvel Semiconductors, Marlborough, MA
  • K. Akdemir, Intel Corporation, Hudson, MA
  • Y. Hu, Laserfiche, CA
  • C. Yang, Cisco Systems, Boxborough, MA
  • C. M. O'Rourke, General Dynamics C4 Systems, Needham, MA
  • K. Yuksel, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

PhD Dissertations Advised

  • 2006 & J.-P.Kaps, Cryptography for Ultra-Low Power Devices, 2006.
  • G. Gaubatz, Tamper-Resistant System for Public-Key Cryptography, 2007.
  • S. Baktir, Frequency Domain Finite Field System for ECC, 2008.
  • E. Ozturk, Efficient and Tamper-Resilient Arch. for Pairing Based Crypto., 2008.
  • G. Hammouri, Cryptographic Primitives from Physical Variables, 2009.
  • D. Karakoyunlu, Efficient Side-Channel Aware ECC over Prime Fields, 2010.
  • K. Akdemir, Error Detection Techniques Against Strong Adversaries, 2010.
  • Y. Hu, Improving the Efficiency of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes, 2013.
  • C. Yang, Security in Voice Authentication, 2014.

Master's Theses Advised

  • C. O'Rourke, Efficient NTRU Implementations, 2002.
  • G. Gaubatz, Versatile Montgomery Multiplier Architectures, 2002.
  • S. Baktir, Efficient Alg. for Finite Fields, with App. in Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2003.
  • K. Yuksel, Universal Hashing for Ultra-Low-Power Crypto. Hardware Applications, 2004.
  • E. Ozturk, Low Power Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2005.